Lincoln's Black Label Service is Here to Kiss Your Ass and Pour Espressos

Time for Lincoln to prove it's all about luxury and not just rebadged Fords.

Lincoln is busy putting things into motion with its Black Label collection and services, in an attempt to move itself further up the luxury ladder. No, don’t confuse this name with that of Mercedes’ Black Series. Black Label is strictly a Lincoln thing. As we previously reported, Black Label represents the Ford luxury division’s "highest expression of design, quality and personal service." Nearly all models in the existing Lincoln lineup will be offered with a choice of four Black Label packages featuring specialty leathers, perforated Alcantara, and wood interior trims.

Essentially, it will boast high-class interiors, exclusive exterior paint options and aluminum wheels. Then there are the ass kissing services provided to customers who paid the $6,000 premium for a Black Label vehicle. Free car washes and maintenance visits for the first four years of ownership (that includes a free loaner vehicle if needed), and even home pickup and drop-off services are included. Heck, there’ll also be a Culinary Collection membership, basically a list of national restaurants that provide special perks for Black Label customers. Lincoln dealerships will have a Black Label private room furnished with leather chairs and couches, flat-screen TV, and an espresso machine. All this for $6k. So, would you splurge on this?

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