Lincoln's Sales Up Thanks to Matthew McConaughey

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Those TV ads really did the trick - along with some comedic spoofs.

Say what you want about those Matthew McConaughey-starring TV spots showcasing the new Lincoln MKC crossover. The Oscar-winning actor may not seem like the obvious choice to promote Ford's premium brand, but it's worked extremely well. Despite getting a good laugh at McConaughey's expense thanks to Jim Carrey's Saturday Night Live bit, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan, and even South Park, Lincoln is now reporting its sales last month were up by 25 percent. And which model sold the best?

The MKC, of course. Obviously the TV hosts/comedians' spoofs were done all in good fun, and Lincoln could care less. In fact, it's laughing all the way to the bank.

And we say good for them. It's great to see Lincoln having some success and we wish it plenty more.

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