Lincoln Wants a RWD Crossover?


We never knew that combination even existed.

Ford is now ready to invest even more in Lincoln as it continues to turn the struggling luxury brand into something relevant. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but the new MKC and MKZ are solid starts. Lincoln still needs new product, however, and according to an exclusive report coming from The Truth About Cars, one new model will be rear-wheel-drive. But don’t get too excited just yet because it’s not going to be a RWD sedan. Nor will it be a coupe based on the Mustang’s platform. No, we’re looking at a RWD crossover here. Really?

Do those two configurations even go together? We thought not, but customer buying habits are apparently dictating otherwise. Simply put, a large RWD sedan would fail, Ford believes. Even the future of the Taurus is now in doubt as Americans increasingly switch from sedans to CUVs. But without a next-gen Taurus, what will Ford sell to police departments? Once again, the Explorer Interceptor is more popular among America’s finest than the Taurus Interceptor. And since police prefer RWD anyway, the answer is pretty clear: a RWD CUV, possibly similar to the Australian market Territory currently in development.

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It’ll be sold as both a Lincoln and a Ford and AWD will be optional, a feature most people will want to begin with. Lincoln will be able to market it differently than the FWD-based MKC, MKX, and MKT CUVs as well. As for the Ford? It’s the next-gen Explorer. Yes, it looks like the Explorer will once again offer RWD.