Lincoln Won't Build Another Pickup

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We can't say we're disappointed.

It's not always the one that does something first that becomes the most successful. Apple didn't invent the cellphone and Microsoft didn't invent the computer, but each of those companies became market leaders by perfecting their product long after the world had been introduced to similar alternatives. When it comes to luxury pickup trucks, Lincoln was one of the first to dip its toe into that water, but instead of success, it found failure in the Blackwood. Along with its second attempt, the Mark LT, Lincoln saw anything but success with the luxury pickup. However, the world has since evolved, so is it time to look backwards for inspiration?

Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln

Ford's F-150 is available in various highly luxurious configurations and Ram has followed suit with special trim levels of its pickup offerings too, so there is clearly money to be made there. Yet Mercedes-Benz built the X-Class not long ago and that has been a monumental flop. It seems that buyers don't appreciate luxury brands stepping into so-called blue-collar segments of the auto industry but will gladly accept "lesser" brands that reach for higher levels of excellence.

Whatever the reasoning, Ford Motor Company's VP Kumar Galhotra responded to Ford Authority's question about a new Lincoln pickup by saying: "No, no pickup plans for Lincoln. We're very focused on Lincoln SUVs, which are doing great."

Lincoln Lincoln

Lincoln is killing off its Continental and MKZ sedans, leaving the marque with only crossovers and SUVs on offer. A decade ago, that would seem ridiculous. These days, it's the SUVs and crossovers that account for the greatest slice of the pie. This applies even to companies like Porsche, so it seems that Lincoln has realized that its brand has exactly what most buyers are interested in at the moment and as a result won't be looking to dip its toe into an uncertain pond. Perhaps on the third attempt, Lincoln would get lucky but for now, it seems we'll be spared a garish pickup for at least the next few years.

2008 Lincoln Mark LT Front View Lincoln 2008 Lincoln Mark LT Dashboard Lincoln 2008 Lincoln Mark LT Rear Angle View Lincoln
2008 Lincoln Mark LT Front View
2008 Lincoln Mark LT Dashboard
2008 Lincoln Mark LT Rear Angle View
Source Credits: Ford Authority

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