Lingenfelter Camaro ZL1 Closes in on 10-Second Quarter Mile

The renowned muscle car tuning specialist gets agonizingly close to a run in the tens.

As the fastest Camaro to date, the ZL1 was always going to be a tuning firm's dream machine, and it wasn't long before Lingenfelter Performance Engineering claimed they would be the first to take the Camaro down the quarter-mile in the 10's. Recently they came agonizingly close to fulfilling that promise, posting a time of 11.03 seconds at 130mph. Taking one of the first ZL1 models off the production line, Lingenfelter made some modest modifications resulting in significant horsepower gains.

A supercharger pulley increased boost by 3-4psi, giving it around 12psi in total, they remapped the ECM, added a LPE custom cold air intake, a 160-degree thermostat and fitted the car with 18-inch Nitto rear tires and 17-inch front skinnies on CCW drag-pack wheels.

Running on 93 octane fuel, the tuned ZL1 put down 585hp at the wheels. But on VP109 racing fuel, power jumped to a staggering 652hp. A few more tweaks and it won't be long before the quarter-mile gets nailed with a time in the tens.

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