Lingenfelter Camaro ZL1 Goes More than 200 mph


This ought to annoy Mustang Shelby GT500 fans.

Only a couple of weeks ago we did report that Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) claim that they'd be the first to take the Camaro ZL1 down the quarter-mile in the 10 second range. They came close to making it with a time of 11.03 seconds at 130 mph. Once again, the performance tuners are back with yet another ZL1 that's been modified to further push the limits. This yellow ZL1 has just been clocked at 202.67 mph at Continental Tire's Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas on April 30th.

Lingenfelter engineers modified the car with a GT9 camshaft, CNC ported cylinder heads; an increased supercharger speeds due to a 2.3 top pulley and a 5 percent overdriven bottom pulley. Along with some other mods, this LPE-tuned ZL1 has 720hp and 650lb-ft of torque.

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For comparison, the "standard" ZL1 has 580hp and 556lb-ft. LPE offers enthusiasts three supercharger upgrade packages for the Camaro ZL1 which can already be purchased and installed by the company. For now, enjoy the video. It'll be the best thing you'll see all day.