Listen To 7 Koenigseggs Spit Flames At One Other To See Who’s Loudest


It’s like watching Goliath and Goliath have a fist fight.

The Geneva Motor Show is a bit of a holiday for us gearheads, not just because it's one of the world’s most famous car shows but because for a little over a week, Geneva Switzerland becomes a hotbed of supercar activity. Owners of the most rare four-wheeled beasts on the planet descend onto the city like it’s the only watering hole with 93 octane fuel. As a result, we see automakers throw small get togethers like this one, which featured a collection of seven Koenigseggs.

These events are thrown by the automakers as a way to build up brand loyalty so that when the next supercar drops, the company can claim that all units have been sold out. Usually those in attendance at these events are the ones that snap up the most rare of these models, which is likely why we can spot a Koenigsegg One: 1 driving by in the crowd.

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However this crowd didn’t just meet up to chortle about how well life has treated them, they want to enjoy their cars to the fullest. Well, we’re all ears to that idea, and thankfully all seven Koenigsegg supercars find their throttles kissing firewall at one point or another, allowing for a concerto of V8 gargles and the whooshing noise of turbochargers following the engine’s lead. One thing that’s easy to note is how lazy the Koenigsegg engine sounds compared to, say, a Ferrari’s wail. Luckily we know the cars are anything but.