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Listen To A Ferrari 812 Superfast Show Turbocharged Cars How Fun Is Done

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Enjoy this naturally-aspirated soundtrack while you still can.

Introductions are always a nice thing, but when your voice box is a 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine that supplies 798 horsepower to the rear wheels, introductions are kind of arbitrary in the first place. What's better is to just shut up and let the car do the talking, which is exactly what Henry Catchpole of Carfection does during his latest drive of Maranello's front-engine flagship supercar, the 812 Superfast. Getting in during a dry day, he first flips the manettino dial to Sport.

Apparently for a Ferrari, that's the most suitable way to putt around town and be gaudy by using only the 812's styling in a way that doesn't put too many lives in danger. Once the corners come into the picture, it's time for the V12 to wake up and turn steering angle changes into dance moves spiced up with a roar.

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Doing that takes no more than the simple flip of the manettino to Race mode where clean corners are not only encouraged, but electronically enforced. No matter if you want to wag the tail because next up on the manettino is Traction Control Off, a mode of its own in this Prancing Horse. Catchpole manages a grin as the responsibility for the preserving his life is increasingly shifted from car to human, but the real treat comes with a flip to the Stability Control Off mode. Throughout the entire process, the only two things talking are the 812 Superfast's "Look at me!" styling and the rich V12 engine. As they should be. It's just too bad Ferrari won't sell you one a single V12 a crate.