Listen To Chevrolet's 1,004-HP V8 Crate Engine In Action

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Sorry, Katy Perry. This roars better.

The SEMA show is finally underway, and we've seen some pretty cool stuff so far.

We dig the Toyota Tundra TRD Desert Chase, not to mention Ford's 40 concept cars. The engineers at Ford must have been suffering from severe SEMA withdrawal.

As we suspected, the Bronco is the star car of the show, but the star engine is undoubtedly Chevrolet's new 1,004-horsepower crate engine. It was unveiled around a month ago, and you can't help but love it. The engine displaces 632 cubic inches, or 10.4 liters if you don't speak 'Merican.

There are three things you should know about this engine. It costs more than a V8 Camaro, has a cast-iron block, and spins to 7,000 rpm. The latter is mighty impressive, as big-block engines aren't known for being rev-happy.

As part of Chevrolet Performance's display, it has the ZZ632 mounted to an engine dyno, and you can hear it in action. The particular engine in the video is a pre-production unit, however.

There will be at least one car at the SEMA show equipped with another pre-production ZZ632. Late in October, Chevrolet challenged the Hoonigan team to fit the new 1,004 hp engine in a third-generation Z28 Camaro before the start of the SEMA show. It hasn't made its debut yet, but we're sure it will happen soon.

Chevrolet Performance/Instagram

The big question everyone seems to be asking is why now? As we said before in a controversial opinion piece, the end of the internal combustion engine is a blessing in disguise. Knowing that the end is near, manufacturers are finally acting out their ICE fantasies, and the ZZ632 V8 is one of them.

Other examples include the Wrangler 392, the RAM 1500 TRX, and the Gordon Murray T.50.

So instead of moaning about EVs taking over, please sit back and listen to this badass engine sing its glorious song while you still can.


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