Listen To Clarkson's And May's Last Words To Hammond Before Crashing


Right on. Off you go.

We all know what’s about to happen, speaking after the fact of course. But when the video segment you’re about to see was filmed, The Grand Tour hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May had no clue. How could they? There’s no such thing as a crystal ball. But what happened happened, and Richard Hammond was nearly killed after losing control of his 1,200 hp Rimac Concept_One all-electric hypercar on a road course in Croatia. He barely made it out of the car alive before it burst into flames.

The subsequent investigation proved that Hammond was at fault, allowing the car’s back end to step out, thus losing control and rolling 110 meters down a hillside.

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Following yesterday’s drag race video showing the Rimac absolutely destroying the Lamborghini Aventador S and Acura/Honda NSX, today The Grand Tour YouTube channel has released the Hill Climb Pep Talk. What you’re about to see are, presumably, Clarkson’s and May’s last words to Hammond only moments before his fateful drive. Of course, because it’s these two, their words of encouragement were pretty awful. Hammond was left even more nervous than he previously was. What happens next is both terrifying and great for television viewership. Such is the dual nature of reality these days.