Listen To Hoonigan's 700-HP IndyTruck Finally Fire Up

SEMA 2022 / Comments

As you'd expect, it sounds spectacular.

If you're into all things Hoonigan, you will have undoubtedly come across its latest video series, documenting a crazy Honda Ridgeline build. The latest installment finally sees the incredible IndyCar engine fire up. While the build has come far, there's still plenty of work to be done.

The last video details the rigorous process of fitting the 700-horsepower V6 engine. Because this isn't your average power plant, engineers from Honda Performance Development (HPD) prepare the motor to start. "We have a minimum operating temperature we have to meet before we even spin the engine or attempt to fire it," explains one of the HPD team.

After allowing some oil and water to flow through the engine, it's time to start the mighty IndyCar engine. There are smiles all around as the powerful racing engine is coaxed into life, emitting a noise that is at odds with the pickup truck it now resides in.


"There's a big smile on everyone's face," says Suppy Wejpanich. "[We] have been killing it and today, it all pays off. [The IndyTruck] starts, there were no runs, no drips, and no errors. We did a good job."

The team has made incredible progress in a short space of time. While the finished project was unveiled at SEMA 2022 a few weeks ago, the latest video - and presumably, the next installment - also focuses on the exterior design.

When you consider how incredible the final product looks, it's remarkable to see how quickly Hoonigan managed to bring it all together. The custom-fabricated body parts slowly begin to take shape, with aerodynamic components fitted to the Ridgeline's rear doors.

In the meantime, the red paint makes way for a vivid yellow finish, giving the IndyTruck some identity.


There's still plenty of work to be done, with an array of essential components and accessories to be fitted. This includes the custom suede interior and the steering wheel, along with the custom steering column. With 700 hp heading to the wheels, the IndyTruck requires serious stopping power - that comes in the form of carbon-ceramic brakes.

As you may remember, the build features the front suspension setup from an Acura NSX. If that's not enough for you, the rear diffuser has been lifted off an NSX GT3 racer.

Even though we've seen the final product, we can't wait to see the last steps of the build process. It's been a fascinating journey and if you're into unique builds, we implore you to follow the entire series. You won't regret it.


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