Listen To McLaren's Latest Racer Rip Around Monza

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The supercar brand isn't giving up on its customer race cars.

McLaren has been in a bit of a dead space of late. Apart from a rather poor start to the Formula 1 season, the company overall has not been doing too well. A critical blow was felt by fans when it announced that it had to sell its iconic Woking-based headquarters to keep things afloat. The McLaren Applied division was also pawned off to a private investment group for some much-needed funds.

Regardless of what turbulences it may be suffering with, the designers and engineers are still giving it their all at creating hair-raising performance cars. The McLaren Artura is evidence that it's also dedicated to advancing electromobility, which the brand dipped a toe into with the P1 hypercar, but this car has so much more to offer than just a glimpse of the future.

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A new video taken at the Monza circuit gives die-hard fans of the brand a breath of fresh hope as it shows us a pair of camouflaged McLaren Artura test units that appear to adhere to GT4 spec. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6-powered track-focused car looks at home on the historic circuit as it prepares to replace the existing 570S GT4. As per GT4 regulations, however, the electric drive system is highly likely to have been removed from this upcoming offering.

To clarify, the car we see here will likely be a track-only model that will be made available to private racing teams. Based on this footage, it looks like the upcoming offering will have no issues with ensuring said teams have a competitive edge on the race day.

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Those who placed an order for an all-new road-based McLaren Artura may be frustrated upon seeing that a new variation is being tested. That's because deliveries for the supercar are yet to commence this July following a series of delays from the company. It should be no surprise that the brand simply could not meet the production date due to the pesky semiconductor shortage.

Nevertheless, we're sure McLaren is working overtime to get deliveries completed. As for this new racer, pricing and performance details are sure to follow in time, but availability will likely only open for the 2023 race season.

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