Listen To The Amazing Howl Of This Toyota GR 86 Concept

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It sounds like an old-school rally car.

Toyota's new GR 86 has to count as one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming models. The previous generation may not have been a fast car, but it had good bones. And while it's nowhere near as iconic as the A80 Supra, the 86 was the basis of some fairly wild modifications and engine swaps. Remember when someone replaced the boxer engine with the V10 from an E60 M5? And who could possibly forget the Ferrari 458-powered model?

New owners won't have to wait long for 86 mods. Most of the highly-respected tuning houses already got their hands on the all-new model, and developments are well underway. HKS was the first out of the blocks with a new supercharger kit, but at the recent Fuji 86 Style festival, a few other tuning houses showcased what they would offer.


The old car's main problem was a lack of power. Sure, it was fun around a track, and it could drift on demand, but in a straight line, it could easily be defeated by most midsize SUVs. In addition to that, it was simply too quiet for something with sporty aspirations. This was odd because any card-carrying gearhead can identify a Subaru boxer engine without even seeing the car in question.

TOM's Racing (as in TOM's Castrol Supra) introduced its GR 86 Concept at the 86 festival, and it comes with a host of exterior modifications. These include new splitters for the front and rear new side skirts and a subtle rear spoiler. We're more interested in the exhaust, however.

Rearward Vision Toyota
Sideward Vision Toyota
Front View Toyota
Forward Vision Toyota

First, it mimics the design of Lexus F-Sport models. Second, it looks brilliant with the modified quad finishers and sounds even better. We don't know what the standard 2.4-liter boxer engine sounds like but we doubt it will be this loud. In addition to being loud, you can finally hear that telltale boxer burble created by the unequal length headers. Turn up the volume and check out the video.

We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for the all-new 86, including the possibility of an all-electric model.

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