Listen To The Awesome One-Liner This Guy Drops After Flipping His Car

Just a typical British reaction. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I’ve only been in one car crash before and to be honest it wasn’t that bad. Of course I was shaken up immediately afterwards and was unable to utter any great one-liners like the guy in this video. The subject of this video flips his car in an attempt to avoid an oncoming BMW driver hell-bent on overtaking while heading up a hill. As he hits the brakes, his Toyota Yaris veers off the pavement and smacks into a small wall, launching it into the air and onto its side. The dash cam captures the entire incident, including the driver’s awesome reaction.

Fortunately the driver didn’t suffer serious injuries, although his car was declared a total write-off. The BMW driver actually came back to the accident scene and spoke to the police.

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