Listen To The BMW 8 Series Concept Roar To Life And Rip Around A Track

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Think turbochargers are going to muffle that sort of power? Nahh.

Just hours after the trajectory of BMW's future was changed by the introduction of the 8 Series Concept, two things happened. First, BMW released its own promotional video staring, you guessed it, the 8 Series Concept. This is the first chance we get to see the coupe in action so salivate accordingly. The second piece of excitement is the fact that German automotive outlet Auto Bild got a chance to do an in-depth walk around video of the 8 Series.

Unfortunately for those of us who don't speak German, not a word of the video can be understood unless you know "Bee Em Vee" means "BMW" in German. In this case you're going to have to let your eyes do the reading, absorbing a more detailed look of the interior (which reveals that the 8 Series Concept actually does have rear seats).

But wait, there's more. Somewhere in BMW's promotional video, in between clips of a bearded man walking towards the grand tourer and shots of the 8 Series opening up its engine on a race track-all of which is accented by edgy electronic pop music-we can clearly hear the coupe's engine sing. BMW's promotional video doesn't do a great job of advertising just how loud this thing is because though it sounds powerful, it has a slight muffle to it. Blame it on a turbocharger, perhaps? On the upside, we don't have to conclude that the 8 Series Concept will sound like a wuss because Auto Bild was kind enough to start up the 8 Series in its walk around and give us a more accurate sound clip.

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If you can't speak German and have seen enough of the 8 Series' interior, skip to the 4:50 mark to listen to the Bimmer's cylinders roar to life. We highly recommend it because BMW's own promo video does absolutely no justice to the exhaust note heard here.

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