Listen To The Earth-Shattering Exhaust Note Of The Dodge Demon

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The Dodge Demon will be the first production car with an "advanced torque reserve system."

Can you believe this is the tenth teaser video Dodge has released for the hell-raising Challenger SRT Demon? Us neither. As teaser campaigns go, this is torturous – and the final reveal is still just under a month away. Every week we learn something new about the dual-purpose muscle car that will dominate the drag strip as well as the road. A muscle car should sound mean and menacing, and to prove that point Dodge has released a sample of the Demon's earth-shattering exhaust notes.

It's a very peculiar sound, though – to some, it may sound like something is wrong with the car. Dodge has revealed that the unusually raspy roar is the result of an "advanced torque reserve launch system" designed for drag racing, which is yet another first for a production car along with its heaving hood scoop and fat front tires.

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This allows more air flow through the engine before launch, which increases the supercharger rpm without torque overwhelming the brakes and spinning the rear tires. However, torque reserve will only kick in when Launch Mode is activated and engine rpm exceeds 1,000. Engaging Launch Mode will close a bypass valve for the supercharger, manage fuel flow to the cylinders and change spark timing. If the unique exhaust note is music to your ears, you can even download it as a ringtone from the official website or iTunes. Dodge is also at it again with subliminal images hinting at possible performance figures.

An accompanying image depicts a license plate that reads "3.9 + 221 = 405." As Dodge loves to remind us, nothing is coincidental in these promotional images. Last week's teaser images possibly leaked the Demon's brutal power output and blistering 0-60 mph time, but we can't work this one out. Anyone want to hazard a guess what this could mean?

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