Listen to the Fake Sound of a 2015 BMW M3 Launch to 171 MPH

Anyone have a clue what happens when music is playing?

The on-board video of one of the very first 2014 BMW M3’s performing a 0-171 mph (276 km/h) test may only be of the car’s dashboard, but it tells us a few things. First, the launch control was turned on. Second, the run was performed in a very hot country with an outside temperature of 35.5 (around 96 degrees Fahrenheit). Third, with just 2,032 kilometers on the odometer, the M3 had surpassed its 2,000 km break-in period so was ready for a high speed test.

You have to use your ears to glean the final bit of information from the video, however. The soundtrack of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6 may sound impressive as it powers up to almost 172 mph, but it’s not genuine. Like the M5, the new M3’s sound is digitally enhanced and rerouted through the car’s speakers. Sounds good though.

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