Listen To The Ferrari 499P Le Mans Hypercar Rip Around Imola

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The new endurance racer sounds beastly as it struts its stuff around the iconic Formula 1 circuit.

We've already seen the new Ferrari 499P LMH at its recent reveal, and now we can look at and listen to this new race machine going around the Imola race track in Italy. And, well, it sounds surprisingly ordinary in action. Loud, certainly, but also quite dull.

This is entirely understandable, though, because there's a V6 engine (based on the unit in the Ferrari 296) nestled behind the cabin, augmented by an electric drive unit on the front axle. If Formula 1 can't make a V6 sound spectacular, it would be unreasonable to expect an endurance racer to sound any less bland. There is some audible character evident, though, thanks to the unique engine design; this isn't your ordinary V6.

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With a 120-degree bank angle instead of a normal V6's 60- or 90-degree bank angle, this load-bearing engine's layout actually acts more like two conjoined three-cylinder engines, which explains the hoarse, off-beat note through the exhaust system. Meanwhile, there's a light overlay of electric motor whine as the vehicle approaches, replaced with the guttural engine note as the race car passes. It's unlikely that Ferrari cares what its new hypercar sounds like, however, as long as it wins races. And, with a combined output of 670 horsepower and the instantaneous torque on tap from its 268-hp electric front drive unit, it should certainly go like stink.

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If a car's appeal can be measured by how it looks, sounds, and goes, the Ferrari 499P scores two out of three. At any rate, the Ferrari 499P looks fantastic and will be properly fast, so it doesn't really matter what it sounds like. Ferrari is aiming for its tenth overall victory at Le Mans as it competes in the race's 100th event next year. 2023 will also mark the 100th anniversary of founder Enzo Ferrari's first-ever Grand Prix win as a driver behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo. The 499P will make its racing debut at Sebring in March, where it will hopefully do old man Enzo proud.


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