Listen To The Ferrari 812 Competizione's V12 Scream At 9,500 RPM

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Look away and it does a neat impression of an F1 car.

As we cross over into the electrification era, the sound of a good gas-powered engine must be treasured for as long as it still can. We've spoken about some of the nicest-sounding five-cylinder and inline-six engines before, and the angry burble of a Mercedes-AMG V8 will never get old, but is there anything better than a naturally-aspirated V12 at full cry?

These engines are a dying breed but Ferrari hasn't given up on them yet, having just launched the new 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A. Both have the same V12 that can rev all the way to 9,500 rpm and now we get to hear what that sounds like.

Top Front View Ferrari
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The video of the 812 Competizione on track could be that of an F1 car if you look away and just listen to it. The induction noise and uncontained wail as the V12 approaches its rev limit are incredible. This engine received several upgrades over the unit in the 812 Superfast to boost its output to 819 horsepower. Ferrari also developed a new exhaust tailpipe to offset the muffling effect of the required Gasoline Particulate Filter.

"Work was also carried out on the intake tract to which a second pair of resonators was added to enhance specific frequencies and the engine's more noble combustion order harmonics, creating the perfect melding of the sound from the exhaust and from the intake system," said Ferrari.

Rear View Driving Ferrari

The new 812 Competizione is a brutally quick car thanks to that upgraded V12. It will cover the 0-62 mph run in just 2.85 seconds and reach 124 mph in a mere 7.5 seconds. Ferrari has also reduced the car's weight compared with the Superfast by increasing the use of carbon fiber and reducing sound-proofing.

The only way the experience could be more visceral is by opting for the 812 Competizione A Targa version. With its open roof section, the sound of the V12 is further amplified. That said, it may not even be the best-sounding Ferrari 812 we've heard.

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