Listen To The Ford Ranger Raptor Going Flat Out

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This sounds awesome.

The Ford Ranger Raptor is another hotly-anticipated Dearborn creation that focuses on off-road thrills, but thus far, it hasn't been offered in the US. That's changing with the new generation, and with the recent reveal of the Bronco Raptor, adventure lovers now have more choices than ever. But back to the Ranger. We recently learned that it will be quite expensive, starting at a base MSRP of $52,500, and although we're disappointed that we're not getting a V8 engine just yet (it's still a possibility at some point), a new teaser from Ford South Africa has revealed that the new off-road-focused pickup will sound pretty damn good flat-out.

Ford South Africa Ford South Africa/YouTube

We had heard the engine before, but the clip we got was just some revving in neutral. Now we get to hear what it's like at speed, and we're not disappointed. The dubbed audio reveals a turbocharged engine note, which fits with earlier assumptions that we'd see an EcoBoost V6 engine in here, likely producing north of 300 horsepower. We can also see the upgraded suspension that makes a Raptor worth buying and hooning, and this new one should be better than ever. Ford Performance promises "smarter technology controlling tougher, next-generation hardware to create the most advanced Ranger Raptor yet."

Ford South Africa/YouTube Ford South Africa/YouTube Ford South Africa/YouTube

Sadly, the only view we have of the production design is the little teaser shot of the rear seen in the above video thumbnail, but we know to expect wider arches, beefier tires, aggressive bumpers, skid plates, and Raptor lettering across the front grille. The regular Ranger already looks immensely handsome, and with a little extra testosterone, this is a truck that won't blend in with the Chevrolet Colorados and Toyota Tacomas of the local Whole Foods parking lot. Speaking of, both of these competitor trucks now have Raptor-fighting off-road versions, so the Ranger Raptor won't be entering an empty niche. We'll know if it's got what it takes when the global reveal happens on February 22.

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