Listen To The Magnificent Growl Of The New Pagani Utopia's V12 Engine

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That's a spectacular sound.

After ten years in production, Pagani has called it quits with the Huayra. The bewitching hypercar was immediately replaced with the equally striking Utopia, a $2.5 million beauty with an engine that sounds so good, company founder Horacio Pagani reportedly composed accompanying piano pieces for the vehicle's reveal.

Now that we've heard the melodic bark of that V12 ourselves, we understand why Mr. Pagani was moved to do just that. In a video posted to YouTube by NM2255 Car HD Videos, we get to sample the incredible engine note. The starter motor whirrs for a brief moment, awakening the mighty12-cylinder from its slumber.

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It's a deep, soulful sound that briefly howls before settling into a mellifluous burble. The 6.0-liter V12 engine, built by Mercedes-AMG, develops a hearty 852 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque. Just a handful of automakers are keeping the endangered V12 engine alive and, thanks to its uncompromising founder, Pagani is one of them.

Mercedes-AMG hoped to lure Mr. Pagani into choosing the 831-hp hybrid V8 from the GT 63 S E Performance, but he declined for several reasons - despite AMG's promise to boost outputs to 1,000 hp. The Argentine-Italian businessman argued that it would make the vehicle not only heavier but slower too.

"We will continue to invest in developments for electrification; the biggest goal for us is to find a way to make the car more enjoyable, more fun, more Pagani," he said at the time.

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On the move, the Utopia grumbles angrily, with an exhaust note that wouldn't sound out of place in a '60s Le Mans pit lane. Prod the throttle, however, and the V12 engine sings, emitting a throaty growl. There's a hint of exhaust pop, but it's nowhere near as obnoxious as the systems we've heard on some modern-day sports cars.

We also get to see the highly-limited Pagani Codalunga strutting its stuff. Like the Utopia, it gains motivation from a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine. While it boasts the same torque figure as the latest Pagani, it makes do with slightly less power, at 840 horses.

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That 12 hp deficit does little to dent the Codalunga's abilities - or brilliant engine sound. If anything, it sounds even better than the Utopia, as it makes its way through the Goodwood Hill Climb. This may have to do with the unique exhaust system worn by the special longtail variant.

The quad-exit exhausts weigh just 9.7 pounds and use a special ceramic coating that provides the Codalunga with a unique and soulful noise. With just five examples destined for production, it's even pricier than the Utopia - each example will set buyers back a whopping $7.4 million.

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