Listen To The Menacing Growl of The Civic Type R In Honda's Latest Teaser

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This should give the Ford Focus RS a few sleepless nights.

The anticipation is so hot and heavy that all moisture in the room has descended like a cloud onto its sleek body, forming wisps off the cowl that drip off and await one simple press of the starter button so that they can be freed by the violence of a howling engine and the impatience of an angry driver. That's how we picture a day in the life of a Honda Civic Type R driver to be like, minus the anger and a whole lot more mid-corner schoolgirlish giggles, but thankfully we can now learn that for ourselves.

After seeing it unveiled at the most recent Geneva show, nobody can stand to wait for it. It may not carry Earth-shattering amounts of power, only 306 ponies and 295 lb-ft of torque, but the fact that it's coming to America this time around gives us reason to pause and celebrate. Oh yeah, it also ditches the Civic CVT and goes with a six-speed manual.

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Might not want to miss that. Honda knows we've been waiting for this car, and it comes at a timely moment since the Ford Focus RS has just paid a visit to all 50 states as well after a long drawn-out residency in the UK. With this teaser, though, we now more reason to hold off on that Blue Oval badge in exchange for Japan's latest ball of furious sheet metal. Thanks to this short clip, we can also see that said fury sounds as angry as it looks. Let's just hope it performs that way too.

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