Listen To The New Corvette C8 Z06 Initiate Launch Control

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And hear that flat-plane crank sing.

The Chevy Corvette C8 is a marvel of modern technology, brought down to the price where a common person could afford it. But as good as the 495-hp, 470-lb-ft, mid-engine, V8-equipped sports car is, we're all still biding our time to see what the Corvette Z06 is going to look like. We've seen some spy shots, and some renderings, but this will be the best chance to hear the new Z06 in all its flat-plane glory.

We heard a rumor earlier this month that the new Z06's engine would be closely related to Cadillac's fantastic Blackwing V8. But it won't have turbos, it'll have a Ferrari- and Mustang GT350-like flat-plane crankshaft capable of revving to 9,000 rpm. We're also expecting 616 hp, which is less than the last Z06, but with the mid-engine placement, it should be much better to drive.

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In the grainy video it sounds like the new Z06 is testing out its launch control system, with several stops and starts on a straight part of the GM test track. It sounds like a flat-plane crank Ferrari, which is a compliment of the highest order.

Each time the car is launched we hear rev up, followed by a quick tire screech, followed by the sonorous sounds of a V8 going flat out. The car is still heavily camouflaged, so we don't get a good look at any new visual pieces of flair, though we do see what appears to be a hood scoop on the armor. Obviously, the Z06 wouldn't need a standard hood scoop as the engine is in the rear, but it could be there just to throw off spy shooters.

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We also heard this month that Z06 N50 prototypes will be rolling down the production line in a testing capacity, to see what problems might arise with the widebody. The widebody Z06 N50 Corvettes will then be delivered to top members of the Corvette team who specialize in critical departments such as steering, chassis setup, and other calibration components.

The last we heard the C8 Corvette Z06 might come out in July as a 2022 model. Though we also heard it would be here by now, so it's anyone's guess. Bet on sometime this year, unless the computer chip shortage, or the rubber shortage comes into play.

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