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Listen To The Only Manual 991 Porsche 911 GT3 RS In The World

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This little shop in Florida may have built the perfect 911.

There are times when auto manufacturers are oblivious to what their customers want. Everyone knows the phrase "the customer is always right," yet we are constantly hearing that "the customers wanted a smaller engine" and "the customers didn't want a manual transmission." Luckily the world is full of aftermarket tuners that really do care what the customer is looking for and can do anything as long as there's money to back up the demand. Florida-based BGB Motorsports is such a tuner, and it may just have created absolute perfection.

The team at BGB was tasked with building the first manual-swapped 991 generation 911 GT3 RS in the world. BGB took a transmission from the 911 R, and tuned the car to function exactly as a 911 R would with rev matches and the gear appearing on the center screen as intended by Porsche.

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We know that installing a new transmission is a big cost for a manufacturer, but this sounds like something that Porsche could have done by itself. We hope that BGB has set a precedent for more people to swap manuals into the GT3 RS. The only other way to have this engine and transmission combination is the 911 R, which shot up in value due to its rarity and inclusion of a third pedal. We think that the 911 R prices are getting ridiculous, and we would love to have a go in this manual-swapped GT3 RS.