Four-Cylinder Jaguar F-Type Sounds Better Than You Think

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Don't worry, the new four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type still sounds sublime.

The recent surprise announcement of the four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type marked a bold new direction for the manufacturer to broaden the appeal of its flagship sports car. Pitched as an affordable entry-level F-Type, it's powered by Jaguar's new Ingenium engine technology, with a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit producing 296 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque - that's mightily impressive for such a small engine. Jaguar takes great pride in its exhaust notes, and the new four-cylinder F-Type is no exception.

An official video showcasing the new member of the F-Type family lets you hear its raspy roar in all its glory. "The introduction of the four-cylinder does not mean that drivers lose out on aural feedback or reward: these have always been an essential part of the F-type's appeal, and have not been compromised," Jaguar originally stated.

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"A meticulously-tuned active exhaust is standard on entry-level F-type models, while the R-Dynamic variants feature a switchable active exhaust for an even more involving driving experience." Though it lacks the savage roar of the V6 and V8 variants as you would expect, it still sounds satisfyingly aggressive for a four-cylinder unit. We don't think buyers will be disappointed with that exhaust note. While it's obviously not as powerful as its V6 and V8 siblings, the new entry-level F-Type benefits from improved economy up to 16 percent. It's also the lightest and most balanced F-Type yet, with a weight reduction down to 3,360 pounds.


Enthusiasts will probably decry the lack of a manual gearbox option, though, as the four-cylinder F-Type is only available with an eight-speed automatic – at least for now. Make it happen, Jaguar.

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