Listen To The Sound Of BMW's First Electric M Car

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BMW's electric M cars will sound incredible with the help of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer.

It's no secret that BMW's M division is working on a high-performance version of the electric i4 sedan. The first electric car enhanced by BMW M will arrive later this year in the form of the range-topping i4 M50 - and now we know what it will sound like. To make electric M cars sound as aurally satisfying and emotionally stirring as their combustion counterparts, BMW has collaborated with famous composer Hans Zimmer, who has composed iconic soundtracks for Hollywood films such as Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight,' to produce a distinctive driving sound that compensates for the lack of noise generated by electric powertrains.

Zimmer also created the driving sound for the i4 Concept and the M Vision. For the i4 M50, Zimmer is using this experience to create a unique sound that is "even more exciting" than combustion BMW M cars, which should make them even more enjoyable to drive.

2022 BMW i4 Front Angle View BMW

According to BMW, the intensity of the sound will adjust accordingly depending on the driving situation. In Comfort mode, the sound creates an "immersive and pleasant atmosphere" but becomes more "dominant and powerful" in Sport mode. Eco Pro is the only driving mode that offers a completely silent electric driving experience.

In 2022, BMW's "IconicSounds Electric" will feature in the iX as standard and can be added as an option for the standard i4. The distinction between Comfort and Sport modes will be even more noticeable in the i4 M50, with a "less harmonious but engagingly rousing and technical sonic profile" creating a more engaging driving experience.


"Every BMW has its own character, which is reflected in the sound it makes," explained Zimmer. "So for the electrically driven BMW M models we have developed a driving sound which accentuates their emotional driving experience particularly vividly and ensures their performance can be felt with even greater intensity." At the end of the video released by BMW explaining the sound design, we get to hear what the i4 M50 sounds like for the first time, and it sounds suitably sporty and futuristic.

"When you press the pedal of an M car, you suddenly get goosebumps all over your body," said BMW's sound designer Renzo Vitale. "We translated this feeling into a drive sound that expresses a fusion of superior power and flowing energy."


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