Listen To The Story Of One Man's Mercedes-Benz 280, A Seventies Car That's Actually Reliable

We've heard tales of such things, but it is beautiful to behold.

As with basically all of the videos from Petrolicious, this is a tale of love for a car that dates back to a very early time in a man's life. In this case, Bernard Bredehorn grew up seeing his grandfather's Mercedes-Benz W116 as a thing of exceptional beauty. So when he had the chance to buy a 1972 280, a smaller car with the same engine, he jumped on it, even though the car was in pieces. It really needed a staggering amount of work, but it came together beautifully.

It must have been a huge undertaking, and we're impressed with Bredehorn's dedication, even if he does look like a henchman from Die Hard (joke poking fun, we admire the guy).

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