Listen To The World's First Supercharged C8 Corvette On The Dyno

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This sounds mental.

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8 is already a highly popular platform for tuning, with the likes of Hennessey adding new exhaust systems and more. Others have also developed turbo kits for the car, but ProCharger Superchargers is the first to, um, supercharge the C8.

Until now, the brand had only given us one small teaser, but following the clamoring of numerous fans we've finally got the opportunity to hear the supercharged V8 sing. And sing it does, making an astonishing 700 horsepower as it does so. That's a jump of over 200 hp, and the best part? The kit is bolt-on.


The supercharger kit is comprised of, among other parts, a CNC billet intake manifold for optimal airflow, and because it's designed to be easy to install, you can use common hand tools. The setup displayed in the video above is running only eight to nine psi of boost and is operating with pump gas in the tank, so not only is the kit easy to install, but there's very little else you need to achieve similar results. The gains are even more impressive when you consider that they result in an increase of between 40 and 45 percent over the stock output.


Unfortunately, the details that ProCharger has yet to reveal are two of the most important: release date and price. However, we suspect that the only reason for this delay is that the company is still developing the kit and wants to launch a polished and perfected setup. That being said, you can get in contact with ProCharger to reserve your spot when the supercharger kit finally drops and is made available to the public.

With great apparent throttle response and a big jump in power while running pump gas, we suspect that this kit will be very popular. However, if you want to do nines on the quarter, you'll need something more.


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