Listen To This V10-Powered 730-HP Toyota Supra Scream

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Earmuffs are obligatory.

Over the years, there have been so many crazy builds and creations that it's hard to believe everything hasn't been tried at least once, but there are still things that haven't been attempted. World firsts are a big deal in the car scene, and one man who loves to push the limits of what is possible while breaking the internet with builds that nobody thought possible is Ryan Tuerck.

You may remember his Ferrari 458-powered Toyota GT86 from a couple of years back, but he wasn't done with mashing different styles together. While some think that a stock Toyota GR Supra is more than loud enough, Tuerck wanted something truly legendary to make his neighbors aware of his arrival from blocks away. After more than a year of work, his V10-powered Supra has finally broken cover and hit the dyno.


In case you haven't heard of this project before, it goes by the name Formula Supra, and that's to reference the Judd GV4 4.0-liter V10 crammed under the hood. The engine has been used at both Le Mans and Daytona as an endurance racing engine, occasionally even winning.

It has also been used as a replacement for "many late model Formula 1 cars, such as Benettons, Arrows, or Tyrrells where the original engine is no longer available or cost-effective to rebuild." That tenuous link to F1 is where the name comes from, but don't think that this isn't a serious piece of engineering - the specs read like a racing fan's ultimate dream.


The engine weighs just 145 kilograms or just under 320 pounds, so it won't negatively affect handling. That said, the engine has still been mounted pretty far back to make the entire thing a little more manageable, something to keep in mind when the sonorous 10-cylinder makes 730 horsepower. If that's not impressive enough, the 11,000-rpm redline should get your attention.

The car has finally reached the point of moving under its own power, developing 630 hp on the wheels. Now Tuerck will do a little more fine-tuning with his team before heading out to the track to destroy the Nitto rubber around his forged Rotiform NGO wheels. With a carbon fiber body, side-exit exhaust tips, and a sequential shifter, this will be the hottest drift car of the year - hands down.


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