Listen To This Guy's Reaction To The NYPD Towing A Rolls-Royce

What are the odds the owner says screw it and buys a new one?

No matter what you drive getting your car towed sucks. Some people just sit there and take it as their car is towed while others attempt daring escapes. The owner of this Rolls-Royce was wise to let his car be taken away as the NYPD was the one doing the towing. And besides, if you can afford such an expensive car you can probably afford the towing and impound fees as well. There’s no dramatic escape attempt here but luckily the narrator of this video is absolutely awesome.

This guy is more or less the voice of everyone who has gathered to watch this luxury car suffer such a shameful indignity. His commentary is perfect, but would it have been so hard to turn his phone on its side? Vertical video is the enemy of the eyes.

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