Listen To This Ridiculously Rare Ford GTX1 Dominate The Streets Of Monaco

The goodness of a Ford GT without the roof.

Currently enjoying El Nino? We thought not, unless you enjoyflooding, rain, more rain, and dreariness. This might cheer you up or makeyou hopelessly envious and depressed. An incredibly rare Ford GTX1 (basically one of 38Ford GTs converted into roadsters) is here for your aural pleasure. It features amodified variant of the standard GT’s 5.4-liter supercharged V8. It's revving,driving and doing V8 things. The orange GT makes a passing McLaren 650S Spider appear rather pedestrian. So enjoy some ‘Muricana in Monaco and count down till spring.

It's always nice to see American muscle stomping around Monaco, especially when it's making a ton of noise in the process. Enjoy.

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