Listening To Car Noises At Rally Australia


Probably not what you’re expecting, but it is hilarious.

Rally drivers are pretty used to competition, but this is not the sort of game they’re used to playing. It pits the drivers for the VW works team against Daniel Jovanov, an Australia’s Got Talent contestant made famous for his unique (and surprisingly spot-on) impressions of different cars. The drivers simply have to guess which car the impressionist is imitating, and the fact that this is at all a plausible thing to do should tell you about Jovanov’s talent.

He definitely nails all 4 cars, and if you want to see him do a few more, head to the next page to see his television debut.

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And here we can see Daniel Jovanov appearing on Australia’s Got Talent. Clearly, nobody was expecting an entry like this, but what seems to surprise them even more is how enjoyable it is to watch.