Lister Cars Set To Make A Comeback After 25 Years

New continuation versions of 50s Jaguars? Yes, please.

Even back when it was in operation, Lister was never the most famous of car companies; although fans of the Gran Turismo franchise might recognize the name from the Lister Storm. The UK company first got its start in the Fifties, building sports cars based heavily on other British cars at the time, and aiming them at buyers who intended to take the cars racing. This would lead to the production of the signature “Knobbly” Jaguar D-Type licensed continuation car.

Lister lasted for several decades on its racing effortsand continuation cars (a bit like Factory Five Racing and its Shelbyreplicas), but the company was split up into three smaller companies in theEighties. One of these was responsible for the Lister Storm, an impressivemachine, but still one which ultimately didn’t really catch on. Now it has beenannounced that the companies are being reunited under one roof, and that thiswill not only mean a more serious motorsport presence, but also a resumption ofproduction for the “Knobbly” D-Type cars. We’re looking forward to that.

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