Litchfield Supercharged BRZ Unleashed on the Track

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It's about time the BRZ got more power.

The Subaru BRZ is a seriously fun car to drive. It boasts sensational handling and is a pleasure to pilot at any speeds. Put it this way: you can drift the BRZ while doing just 30 mph. Aside from it having relatively bland looks, the BRZ's major flaw is a lack of power. The 2.0-liter boxer engine is a sweet powerplant with symmetrical exhaust pipes that help create a lovely soundtrack. But 200 hp just doesn't cut the mustard. And that's where British tuner Litchfield comes in.

As our buddy Shmee150 demonstrates, this Litchfield BRZ has been fitted with a supercharger that boosts output to 280 hp. Complete with a Miltek exhaust, the sports coupe is now capable of a 4.9-second 0-62 mph time and sounds superb as it charges around the Bruntingthorpe airfield.

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