Little Chef Launch Network of EV Charging Points across the UK


The famous UK motorway food chain plans to be equipped with EV chargers by the end of 2012.

Motorists tend to go out of their way to avoid dining at a Little Chef when taking road trips in the UK, but EV drivers may soon be enticed into trying their Grab & Go cuisine whilst waiting a "fast" four hours, courtesy of the 7kW charging supply, to charge their batteries. In partnership with SSE and Chargemaster Plc., Little Chef is planning to install charging points in each of their 162 branches by the end of next year, when 90% of the country will be at most 30 miles away from an EV charging point.

The service will be free of charge for a period, but as the number of EV's on the road continues to rise, with current forecasts predicting one in ten new cars will be electric by the end of the decade, the national restaurant chain is sure to reap the rewards of their innovative project. Norman Baker, Transport Minister said: "I welcome this big thinking from Little Chef, giving a taste of the future in the move towards a first class national recharging network for plug-in cars. The Government has provided £30m of funding for electric car charging infrastructure through the Plugged-In Places programme in cities and regions across the UK.

"This private-sector-led initiative is just the kind of ingredient we need to drive the development of our national network of recharging infrastructure. It is great to see another example of UK enterprise coming forward to make the most of the opportunity". Little Chef representitives offer more opinion in the video below.

Whilst Carbuzz opine that whether EV drivers will have the patience to spend so much waiting for their batteries to charge remains to be seen, especially if they will have to pass the time by feasting on roadside hot suppers served up in dreary surrounds.

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