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Live In Nashville, Tennessee? Go Subscribe To A BMW

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Nashville is where BMW will launch its subscription service in the US.

Car companies have been testing new subscription models as a potential replacement for traditional purchasing or leasing, as younger buyers have grown accustom to a subscription culture, and are comfortable with not owning their cars. Porsche already has its Passport program - allowing customers to switch between Porsche models for $2,000 or $3,000 per month. BMW and Mercedes aren't far behind with their subscription programs, and according to a report by Bloomberg, BMW knows where it will test its first subscription program.

Starting on April 2, 2018, BMW will open its subscription service at a local dealership in Nashville, Tennessee. BMW didn't get any more specific, but discovered the German automaker is referring to BMW of Nashville in Brentwood, Tennessee. We called the dealership to inquire about the service, only to be told there was no further information about pricing or availability. A source at BMW of Nashville did confirm the dealership's participation in the service, and said there would be more details in late April or early May. Like other automakers, BMW's subscription will cost will likely include insurance and maintenance in a single payment.

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We still don't know if BMW's program will allow subscribers to switch out cars, or if the subscription will be for a single model - like Volvo's XC40 subscription for $600 per month. If you happen to live near Nashville, be sure to go into to the BMW dealership in early May to inquire about the subscription service.