Live Your Engine Swap Dream With This Ferrari V12

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This FF's engine is coming up for auction in Paris.

Looking to swap the engine in your car? There's any number of automakers that'll sell you a crate engine – like Ford, GM, or Mopar. Ferrari isn't one of them, which leaves the prospect of finding a screaming stallion to slot under your hood something of a rarity. But that's just what we have here.

Coming up for auction in Paris next month is a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 like you'd find in an F12 (Berlinetta or TdF), GTC4 Lusso, or (in this case) an FF. But it wasn't pulled from the wreckage of a crashed car.

1. RM Sotheby’s 1. RM Sotheby’s 1. RM Sotheby’s

This F140 EB unit is believed to have been used in the development of the Italian supercar manufacturer's pioneering all-wheel-drive shooting brake. It racked up a good 12,000 kilometers (~7,500 miles) during testing before it was sold, complete with a stand for display. And that's not something you're likely to find every day, no matter how nicely you ask the folks in Maranello.

Now you could keep this engine on its pedestal, and Lord knows it belongs there. But even better, you could shoehorn it in under just about any hood that could accommodate it and make yourself a project car.

1. RM Sotheby’s 1. RM Sotheby’s 1. RM Sotheby’s

And what a project it'd be. In the FF, this engine developed a massive 650 horsepower and 503 lb-ft of torque. But with a bit of tuning, it could produce even more. Ferrari used the same engine as the internal-combustion component for the hybrid LaFerrari, where it was turned around and cranked up to 790 hp and 520 lb-ft before the electric motors kicked in. Even in the F12 tdf, it developed 770 hp. So you know it can do more than the boys in red coaxed out of it when the engine debuted in the FF in 2011.

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Source Credits: RM Sotheby’s

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