LMR Supercharged Camaros Tear Up The Dyno

Big V8s and superchargers make some some seriously big horsepower.

The mix of a big muscle car V8 and some forced induction is always a pretty intoxicating one, and the folks at Late Model Racecraft (LMR) know it. That’s why it has released videos of a couple of Camaros which it's bolted superchargers to as they're being dyno tested. The noise is terrific, and the power numbers are no less exciting. We'd love to also see these cars on the drag strip, and hopefully the folks at LMR are preparing to show us just that in the near future.

The first Camaro is putting out 572 horsepower, and if you're thinking now about how the GT500 puts out more, remember that the Camaro is being tested at the wheels and the GT500 rating is at the crank.

The more powerful of the two is putting down an astonishing 1,165 horsepower. It does have an automatic transmission, but we'd bet it’s still probably pretty quick.

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