Lola to Supply Lotus with a Car for Le Mans


Lotus' future looks bleak as the company might change hands and its racing program is in need of external assistance.

Lola, the famous sports car manufacturer, has said that they have received, during the winter, seven orders for LMP cars. Those cars will be built in time to take part in this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans race. One of those cars will be supplied to the Kodewa team, who will run an LMP2 car equipped with a BMW V8 under the Lotus banner. That car will replace Lotus' own effort to enter the race with its own prototype sports car.

Although Lotus hired people and started developing a prototype sports car, the project couldn't be concluded in time for the race. Lotus, whose new owners want to sell it, have initiated an extensive new road car program that is supported by diverse racing programs. Following the sale of Proton, its parent company to a new investor, Lotus remains, for the time being, in the dark. In Formula 1, Lotus backs the Lotus-Renault team. This year it will enter a car to the IndyCar championship with a similar arrangement to the one with Kodewa team so the chassis and the engine will be supplied by specialist suppliers and not by Lotus itself.

That takes away some of the racing program shine, since the program is not intrinsic to the company's activities apart from being publicity stunts.

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