London Cops Get Busted For Joyriding An Illegally Confiscated Huracan


We promise this isn't a joke.

Back in June the London police pulled over a Lamborghini Huracan owned by supercar rental company City Supercars. At issue was the car's insurance. After a short squabble the police impounded the car, but not before they took it out for a joyride. Erwyn Mackee, the owner of City Supercars, discovered the joyride via the car's onboard tracker. He brought the issue to the police and now The Telegraph is reporting that the officers involved in the incident have been punished. So what the hell happened here?


The Huracan was pulled over June 2 around midnight near Heathrow Airport. As it turns out the Italian supercar recently had its insurance info updated, but the UK's Motor Insurance Database hadn't yet processed the new information. The driver phoned Mackee, who then spoke to one of the officers detailing the issue. Unfortunately the police officer didn't believe the story, even after he was emailed documents proving the Huracan had proper insurance coverage. The car was confiscated and upon getting it back Mackee discovered it had been driven over the speed limit three times. In a 30 mph zone the officers did 63 mph, 53 mph and 47 mph. To make matters worse the Huracan was scheduled to be rented out for a wedding before it was impounded.

Luckily Mackee is also a lawyer, and he wasn't about to let the issue go without a fight. Now, two months later, a spokesman for the Met Police announced that the officers involved in the supercar's confiscation have been disciplined. "After becoming aware of the car owner's concerns, an internal investigation was conducted. The police officer who drove the car was given three penalty points on his police driving record. A second officer was subject to management action. We are in the process of reimbursing the owner of the car the statutory £150 [$194] removal fee." Mackee isn't exactly the little guy, he's a lawyer who owns a supercar rental company after all, but it's still nice to see a geahead on the right side of the law fight injustice and win.


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