London Could Trial Ban On Non-Electric Cars

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How else can the city be ready for the 2040 ban?

Following the threat of poor air quality, the United Kingdom has decided to place a ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles starting in 2040. The ban will exclude hybrids and plug-ins but is viewed as necessary to protect public safety and the environment. The UK has a long way to prepare its citizens for such an extreme ban, as only around 4% of new cars sold in the country are plug-ins or EVs. Perhaps this is why the City of London may be gearing up for a "Trial Ban" of non-electric vehicles, this according to Auto Express.

London's financial center is home to several pollution hotspots that are worsened by narrow streets and tall buildings, so the city may attempt to eliminate these zones with a trial ban. The City of London's air quality manager, Ruth Calderwood, said the city would consider an "ultra low emission vehicle" street, where only electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids would be allowed.

The city is also set to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) starting in April of 2019, which will require gas and diesel cars to meet strict European standards. If the vehicles don't comply with the standards, their drivers will be charged an additional fee to enter the Congestion Charge zone, in addition to the standard Congestion Charge.

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Calderwood said, "What we realize is the Ultra Low Emission Zone won't be quite enough for us to meet the limit values, so we are going to have to look at additional measures at our busiest roadsides". Some of the areas being considered for the trial ban are Walbrook Wharf and Beech Street, both of which posted nitrogen oxide readings that were more than double annual EU limits. It looks like driving in London with a combustion engine car is about to become even more difficult.

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