London Rioters Turn Their Attention to a Lamborghini

As riots continued across the U.K, photos have been released online showing the damage done to cars of all types.

The events currently happening throughout the U.K. are certainly no laughing matter, whether you live there or not. Despite the millions of pounds in damaged property and mass looting, citizens across the U.K. are scared for their safety. Shop owners now face the difficult task of rebuilding their businesses and livelihoods. And it shouldn't come as any surprise rioters would sooner or later find luxury and other types of cars to destroy.

Photos are now coming in of damaged rides such as this Lamborghini Gallardo, which has had its window smashed by a cardboard box. The damage is nothing compared to the Mazda Miata or the double-decker bus in flames. Fortunately cars are replaceable (which is why we have insurance), but peoples' lives and safety are another matter entirely. Hopefully the U.K. police will get things firmly under control soon and this madness will stop.

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