London Teens Spend Big to Rent Supercars

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Going to the prom in a limousine just doesn't cut it anymore.

We can't think of anyone in this world who wouldn't jump at the chance to own a supercar, or at least drive one. But no matter whether you're going to rent or buy, it's going to cost you. Reuters Hannah Vinter reports that for many disadvantaged teens in London, driving around in a rented supercar has become something of a prom-like celebration upon completion of high school. Teens as young as 16 are shelling out hundreds of dollars they really don't have to rent exotics and other luxury cars.

Even if they're not old enough to drive, they'll still hire someone to chauffer them around. One student said that "Certain people obviously don't want to spend the money...but certain kids, obviously, they're crazy, they'll save up from young and they just want to hire it." This isn't a phenomena happening all over London, but it's particularly common in Tower Hamlets. These kids dress in their best outfits and upon receiving their diploma, head out for a night of fun in their rented exotics. Often times they even switch rides to "after-cars", such as big sedans, in order to drive around together, and partake in some street racing as well. Photos by Reuters Olivia Harris.

They even make YouTube videos showcasing some of the cars.

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Reuters/Olivia Harris

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