Londoner Wishes He Never Parked His Aston Martin Next To This Massive Tree

What are the chances?

Waking up to an Aston Martin as your daily driver must be a great feeling. But when the owner of this $50,000 Vantage returned home from work, the sight of his beloved Aston left him “white with shock.” Strong winds in London toppled a 50-foot tree in the trendy borough of Islington, just a few yards away from Mayor Boris Johnson’s home. Not only did it crush the Aston, the tree’s branches trapped a pensioner inside her home until tree surgeons arrived to remove the massive piece of fallen lumber.

According to the Evening Standard, the owner thought it was a prank when he got a call at work to get home. He then had to convince the insurance company that a 50-year-old tree crushing his sports car was not a joke.

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