Londoners Can’t Stop Stroking Velvet-Wrapped Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead


Judging by the license plate, this velvet-wrapped Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead belongs to the same guy who coated his Ferrari 599 in the same luxurious material. And as you’ll see in the video courtesy of Shmee150, the Rolls is getting just as much attention from passersby who simply can’t resist the urge to give it a loving stroke. We’ve also seen a Porsche Panamera coated in velvet, which was applied by aftermarket firm Velvet-Cars.

If this is the same material used, then it’s called Velvet Elite Wrap 9100, and comes with special adhesives and durable textile fibers to ensure it withstands severe weather conditions. That’s basically crucial for a car that lives in the ever-wet British capital. But, more importantly, do you think it looks cool?

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