Lone Hacker Uncovers Tesla’s Secret Plans For A P100D Model S


A P90D can put many supercars to shame, so what can the P100D do?

Tesla is on the cusp of releasing the highly anticipated Model 3 later this month, but that may not be the most exciting piece of news for performance-loving gearheads. While the Model 3 will hold everyone’s attention for now, it seems that a lone hacker who was digging into Tesla’s firmware has discovered plans for a super Model S called the P100D. If Jason Hughes, the well-known Tesla hacker behind the find, is speaking the truth, then we can expect to see a 100 kWh battery pack in the Model S in the future.

Hughes didn’t just find secret Tesla references to the P100D, he also found the graphics to the badge that the super Model S would wear. Elon Musk even took to Twitter to congratulate Hughes on his hacking abilities. It isn’t clear as to whether or not the 100 kWh battery pack would improve on the P90D’s 2.8 second 0-60 mph rush, but the additional juice is expected to net the Model S 300 miles per charge over the 90D’s 270 mile range. Hughes also mentioned that the new Tesla firmware holds more secrets that he isn’t prepared to mention, so only time will tell whether or not we will see a “Warp Speed” function come out to put Ludicrous mode to shame.

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Until then, expect to see the range-boosting battery make an appearance on the Model X as well to prevent owners from getting stuck in the boonies when off-roading.

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