Long Before Panamera, the 989 was Porsche's Sedan Concept

It was met with about as much enthusiasm as the Panamera when it arrived.

Porsche knew it was taking a risk when it introduced the four-door coupe Panamera in 2009. Although it had already rolled out the Cayenne SUV back in 2002, brand enthusiasts still had a tough time grasping any model that came with more than two doors and with an engine mounted anywhere but in the rear. But despite repeated protests, the Panamera was built, and has played an important role in Porsche’s outstanding profitability in recent years.

But the Panamera wasn't the first 4-door to be suggested by Porsche. Back in 1988, the company introduced this sedan concept, the 989. Based on the 928 sports car, it was equipped with a V8, rear-wheel drive and fastback design, very similar to the features that followed in the Panamera two decades later. Due to a sink in sales and a lack of funds in the late 80s, the 989 was never built, and remained a concept until its grandson came to life in the form of the Panamera.

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