Longtail Honda Civic del Sol Is A Supercar, Limousine, And Pickup All At The Same Time

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Crazy Honda build looks like three cars in one.

Although there are no official rules for a good ol' automotive mash-up, it usually helps when the cars involved fall into similar segments, such as this Toyota MR2 and Porsche Boxster sports car combo. You're also likely to end up with something better if the underpinnings mesh well with the looks, as was the case with this awesome, old-school Ford pickup which came with Raptor underpinnings and Bronco styling.

But the latest mash-up we've stumbled upon doesn't attempt to align any of its wild ideas in a cohesive manner. This mash-up is partly based on a Honda Civic del Sol, already a bit of an oddity to begin with. Except, this little Honda has a dramatically stretched tail, a widened body, and looks like it can't decide whether it wants to be a sports car, a limousine, or a pickup.

RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook

This one-off oddity was created by a US body shop called RD General Auto Repair LLC. The body shop used the removable roof and center section of the del Sol, but there are aftermarket headlights from the fifth-generation Honda Civic in front. That's all been bolted together with custom fenders, a unique bumper, and a vented hood.

But despite the front half of the body being a wild assortment of parts, it's the rear view that is especially bizarre. The chassis has clearly been stretched to accommodate a long rear deck, and lower down are side intakes that show the mash-up's supercar aspirations. At the back are sharp lines but we can't quite tell where those taillights have come from, and there are stacked tailpipes.

RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook

The side windows are tinted which seems important since you can avoid answering questions about what on earth it is you're driving each time you stop at a traffic light. It's not known what powers this concoction, but the presence of what looks like a carbon fiber engine cover hints at a mid-engined layout. We think it's more likely that it has a more conventional front-engine layout, perhaps with one of the four-cylinder units that were equipped to the original del Sol. Then again, this Honda could have a V8 under the hood and it would still be overshadowed by the eccentric bodywork.

RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook RD General Auto Repair LLC/Facebook

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