Look How Easy Drifting A Ford GT Is Even With Traction Control


Of course, Chris Harris makes everything behind the wheel seem easy.

The Ford GT is a race car for the road. With a few simple clicks, drivers can choose their preferred driving mode. Of course you probably wouldn’t want to engage Track Mode when driving around town on errands. But when you head to the track, well, that’s a different story. So leave it to Chris Harris to do just that at Scotland’s Knockhill Circuit. None of us should be surprised that Harris loves the car and points out that whoever is still up in arms about Ford choosing a twin-turbo V6 over a V8 needs to get over it.

Ford made the right call because this engine delivers with 647 hp and a 216 mph top speed. But clicking the switch to Track Mode is what enthusiast owners will probably enjoy doing most. The results speak for themselves.

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The suspension drops the ride height by 50 mm and the aero shutters in the nose close, thus diverting all of that air hitting the front of the car into the high-pressure downforce channels through the chassis. The hydraulic rear wing also rises to help balance out all of that front downforce. The brakes are brilliant and there’s plenty of grip. Really, there’s no need to completely shut off systems like stability and traction control. They just need to be loosened a bit.