Look Out BMW: Mercedes-AMG Hybrids Will Arrive After 2020

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Mercedes-AMG will compete with BMW's M division as both manufacturers start adopting hybrid powertrains.

Mercedes-AMG is entering the hybrid hypercar market in a big way with its upcoming F1-inspired Project One, which shares the same powertrain as its Formula racecars. But with only around 200 – 300 units planned for production, it's fair to say that only an elite group of people will get to experience it. In an interview with Motor Authority, the boss of Mercedes-AMG has revealed plans to expand its reach of hybrid of cars to more accessible models.

Tobias Moers confirmed that we can expect more hybrid models to be added to the Mercedes-AMG performance range within the next few years after 2020. He also accepted that embracing hybrid technology is inevitable in the ever-changing auto industry. "We are not able to change the future. It's a really exciting situation in the automotive industry," he said. "Everybody is talking about electrification and hybridization of drivetrains. Electrification gives you extra power and extra efficiency...in a different way for the performance segment."

"When we talk about an AMG hybrid or an electric powertrain, it's something we expect beyond 2020 for sure," he confirmed. Our task, and our target has always been-in a new segment-to set the new benchmark," he said. Love it or hate it, the benefits of hybrid engineering cannot be ignored – not only are hybrid supercars more fuel efficient, but, as Tesla has proved, offer better acceleration than their internal combustion engine-counterparts in some cases. Let's not forget that we could soon be seeing BMW's M cars joining the hybrid car craze, so Mercedes-AMG will face stiff competition.

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